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Swiss Lady Bullied For Being ‘Ugly’ Spends Big On Plastic Surgery To Feel Happy

*Celine Centino, from Zurich, Switzerland, has forked out £38k on surgery
*The former hairdresser says being bullied at school made her change looks
*She had three breast enhancements along with cheek, lip and chin fillers 
*She says men 'go crazy' for her appearance and has huge Instagram following
A 24-year-old woman who was viciously bullied as a teenager is unrecognisable after spending a staggering £38,000 on plastic surgery. 

Celine Centino, from Zurich, Switzerland, has forked out for major cosmetic procedures including no less than three breast enhancements, taking her up to a size 34FF.

The Instagram star says she was taunted over her looks during her teenage years and was labelled 'ugly', with the teasing so severe that she would sometimes call in sick to avoid facing her bullies.

Her insecurity led to her to save cash from her job as a hairdresser to pay for plastic surgery which she claims has helped her finally feel happy in her own skin. 

Over the course four years from September 2013, Celine underwent three breast augmentations along with a nose job and cheek, lip and chin fillers that totaled an eye-watering £38,000 (50,000 Swiss Francs).

After boosting her bust from a 34A to a 34FF, Celine claims she now feels confident and happier than ever. 

With over 43,000 followers on Instagram, she is inundated with positive comments from strangers about her unusual look.

'I was always a happy person, but I didn't feel good in my skin. So many people judged me because I was 'ugly', and I turned into a sad person,' Celine said.

'I wanted to be happy again, so I changed my look and everything I didn't like about myself. We live in a time when we can change something if we like it, so I took this chance.

'I was bullied daily, and it was always about something new, either I looked like a guy because I had "no boobs", or my a** was too fat (although now I like that).

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