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The Effect Of Cramming And Other Challenges Achieving An Effective Formal Education In Nigeria - ETCSINES

It is a popular proverb in the part of the world that I come from which translates literarily that a horse is never reluctant to embark on the home bound journey no matter how tired it may be. In assonance, I promised myself that no matter how strigent, difficult or unsurmountable, I must complete the substance of this article.

For a little over 10 months, I have been involved with a trail blazing team of uncommon people, writers of repute and promise in Nigeria, who have identified with and have being involved in a program basically birthed to sensitize the Nigerian public about the daunting challenges that have attempted to suffocate the effectiveness of formal education upon the Nigerian student and  subsequently also to call people to action in order to rescue our educational from it's "numerous enemies".

This program coined as ETCSINES (Eradicating The Cramming System In Nigeria Educational Sector), has seen a group of unbelievably talented writers writing articles week after week for over 11 months about the challenges and proffering far-reaching solutions and course of action. I have spent some time laying this foundation and going down memory lane because I counted it and I still count it a great privilege to be part of making history. I am grateful to all the facilitators of this great project without any reservation, hesitation or limitations.

Now to the task at hand. Formal education in Nigeria was certainly established to bring the individual that passes through the system to the point and stage that he or she can truly believe that knowledge has been acquired and can be replicated and also passed on.

In the late 70's and early 80's almost all the great universities of repute the world over had one or two products of the Nigerian educational system making history, breaking long standing records and creating fresh and legendary standards. This phenomenon has been in a great decline. In recent times, the expected impact that formal education was supposed to have on the individual has been attacked by the syndrome of cramming and other challenges.

This challenges which I will highlight but will not elaborate upon has almost stripped Nigerians of a pride of place in international academic affairs. Challenges like cramming, improperly trained teachers, unmotivated teachers, impractical educational policies, unfit educational administrators, poor remuneration, lack of funding of educational institutions and others have scaled down the effect that Nigerians have had as a people in international educational matters.

This challenge has created a lingering doubt in the hearts of educational institutions outside Nigeria as to the fact that our educational sectors still produce great products. Many Nigerians who had plans and aspirations of taking up post- graduate studies in Foreign universities are subjected to excruciating processes in order to access their suitability to study in those universities. Nigerians compulsory had to take assessments in Written and spoken english even when the substance of the course to be undertaken was mainly mechanical, electrical or engineering inclined. Students from other universities outside Nigeria are instead given the benefit of doubt and are not subjected to the same standards, this is certainly degrading.

The export value of Nigerian Teachers and Lecturers is also on a steady decline, Universities and educational institutions that were always interested in Nigerians has drastically reduced their demand. This has caused a staggering loss of economic opportunities for Nigerians. Internally and amongst the Nigerian population, the passion and the zeal that citizens had for securing formal education has seriously dwindled. A large chunk of the youth is interested in many other things which from their perspective impacts positively on the standard of living. This has led many astray and has ocassioned an unhealthy, uneducated, unexposed and uncultured society. This is a great tonic for civil unrest and insecurity.

In conclusion, the situation on the ground has made it necessary for every Nigerian that has blood flowing through their veins to see the state of the educational sector as being in a state of crisis, chaos, and imbroglio. Everybody has a part to play in reviving and restoring the Nigerian Educational sector to the place of dignity and to regain our lost international place of pride and honor. 

Thank you.

I Remain Barr. Tola Arawomo
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