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13 Categories Of People That Will Benefit From Atiku/ Obi Presidency

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Just like the act of sex in one day can result in pregnancy for 9 months and delivery, the vote cast in 1 day in 2015 resulted in over 12 million job losses, 13 million out of school children, poverty capital if the world, most terrorized nation, fuel at 145+ subsidy etc. A repeat will be reinforcing failure.
With the points above we can confidently say that this administration has failed.

Now I want to list categories of people that will Benefit from Atiku obi presidency.

1) Unemployed and SMEs:

both obi and Atiku are job creators as they also business people. Whenever obi talks about China, he is talking about an SME powered economy. An economy driven by Small, Medium and large scale enterprises. Real SMEs will be created and funded properly. Not the 30 naira given to few people towards the end of a tenure. So if you have a skill, unemployed or have an idea? A government that will support and guide you to make your dreams a reality is on the way. Atiku obi wants to focus of governance while the private sector is allowed to grow and power the economy.

2) Students and Lecturers/teachers

Obi and Atiku believe that education is key in the development of any economy. Obi invested a lot in Education and Atiku has also invested in Education. They believe education is not properly funded and will make quality education priority. By so doing, the standard of education will improve and the issue of strike will be eliminated.

3) Banking industry

Banks will benefit as Obi has experience in banking. He talked a lot about SMEs not being properly funded. For banks to fund SMEs well, he should provide a comfortable situation for them. Unlike this administration that forced banks to sack thousands to stay afloat. 

4) Manufacturers / Agriculture

For a government that wants a people powered economy, priority will be given to manufacturing. Adequate funding, easy access to force. And as manufacturing thrives, more employment is created directly and indirectly. Obi is a strong believer of made in Nigeria. This is visible in his patronage of innoson, zynox and PAN in kaduna during his tenure as governor.Obi is the type that can mandate civil servants to eat locally produced food and It will be deducted from their salary.

Unlike this administration that will spend 800 million to clear rice worth 400 million, allow it to Roth then spend 5 billion to import.

5) Security Agencies

The level of jobs that will be created, will drastically reduce crime rate in the country. Security agents won't be over stretched to fight crime.

6) Tech people

Obi always uses Microsoft, Apple, Facebook founders as examples of how tech startups should be funded and how much the industry can boost the economy. Obi is a believer of made in Nigeria, so home grown tech companies will have a boost.

7) Contractors 

From my experience in Obis administration, you won't need to know anybody in government to get contract. However you won't make the type of billions made from contracts in this administration. You can't cut grass with 200million. 

Under obis administration local carpenters, welders etc submitted proposals and were called to defend their proposals and after which they were awarded contracts and paid in full. It was a policy in obis administration that contractors who had delivered can't be owed more than 60 days. Ordinary Nigerians will walk into ministries and get contract without going to ASO to kiss the feet of the 2 powerful men in ASO Rock according to Aisha Buhari. Power will move to ordinary Nigerians. This is the major reason why both PDP and APC members are not happy with the choice of Obi as VP.

cool Health workers

Obi believes that the 1 trillion spent by government only benefits those that have cars while majority suffer lack of healthcare. He believes that if we have a private sector powered economy that price of fuel will eventually come down, while priority is given to healthcare. They protested the removal of subsidy under GEJ at 96, told us there is no more subsidy at 145, only for use to realize we are paying subsidy at 145. What is the guaranty that we will not buy fuel at 220 tomorrow with subsidy.

9) oil and Gas

Those in oil and Gas will smile as Atiku obi wants a private sector driven economy, unlike this administration that wants to control every area of the petroleum industry . Ordinary Nigerians who have experience in oil and Gas will set up companies and be licensed to operate easily. You don't have to be as rich as Tinubu, Otedola or the rest to start and grow.

10) Business people

For those doing import or export, there will be a more efficient port. You don't have to spend more on clearing than shipping. You don't have to wait 3 months to clear items at the port. There will be more transparency at the port because the ports authority will be partly or fully funded by private sector. So there will be no room for laziness and incompetence.

11) Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry will be given a boost as banks will be more willing to lend and support Nigerian business with government guaranty. You can easily get funds from a bank to host a show, make profit, pay back in installment while u use the money to to host more shows.
12) civil servants

Civil servants will not be left out, as government will cut cost drastically and enough funds will be available to Carter for the needs of the workers. 

13) Single people

Lol, you are not left out. There will be more jobs, more money and you will be able to afford a wedding and descent family.

Atiku/ Obi ticket offers a people center and people powered economy, unlike this administration that government wants to control everything.

Government wants to control banks by asking them to freeze interest on loans given to petroleum marketers. They want to force NBS to change statistics on unemployment, force Amnesty international out of Nigeria.

What we see in Nigeria today is the best of APC, and we refused to used a failed administration as a yardstick for measurement by future administrations. We have to get it right this time.

A vote for Buhari is a vote against your soul. You see the evil and turn a blind eye for selfish interest. Under Atiku/Obi, the government will be in constant communication with the people. Not a president that speaks only outside Nigeria.

Foreign investors will know when business men are in power, Nigeria will be open for business once again and investors will come. Because the government under Atiku/ Obi will speak the language investors understand. Investors are not interested in hearing that your country is corrupt and youths are lazy. They want to hear that your economy is private sector driven and their investment is guaranteed. This will open up all sectors of the economy including power for massive foreign and local investment.

Let's get Nigeria working again.

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