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Girl's unusual Christmas wish in her letter to Santa goes viral

A young girl's Christmas wish to Santa Claus has gone viral because, while other kids her age are asking for toys, she asked for something unusual but very precious. Zadora Matias, 10, in her letter to Santa Claus, said all she wants for Christmas is to be able to spend more time with her dad on that day. She begged Santa to make them move her father's shift to two hours later so they can have more precious moments together. She even said she was willing to forgo Christmas gift just to spend more time with her father. The girl, from Springfield, Massachusetts, said that she wants her daddy to be at home with her "because when he's happy, I'm happy".Her letter reads:I want very little things for ChristmasOut of all the things you bring me, I would want one of them to come true, and the only people that can grant my wish is you and my dad's boss.This is a very special request.I would like you to change my dad's work shift time, now it's 4:30-1:00 I would like you to change it to 6:30-3:00He would be so happy and when he's happy I'm happy.and I'll tell you this: I'll even let you skip my house (I only want 3 things) but can you please just change his shift.  Zadora's dad, David, has requested the change in his work schedule, but thinks it's unlikely he'll be granted it given how busy the post office is at this time of year. The post Girl's unusual Christmas wish in her letter to Santa goes viral appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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