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Happiness Lost, Happiness Regained- My RentSmallSmall Tale

Happiness Lost, Happiness Regained- My RentSmallSmall TaleThis is a sponsored post...Lagos is really not the easiest city to live in. Any Lagosian knows this. Really, anyone who’s even just heard the word “Lagos”, knows that as much as this city is synonymous with opportunity, it’s not a city built for the faint hearted. Having lived on the mainland in Lagos for over 3 years, when the time came to change jobs to a new location in Victoria Island, finding a suitable, affordable place to live in that would carry some sort of proximity to my new place of work seemed like an insurmountable hassle. You know Victoria Island and paying in dollars… I got thrown the numbers of all kinds of agents who would as a result of my budget, take me to view houses that left me in utter shock and numbness when I saw the living conditions. I almost did a double take, and would ask: “Do you see me, like do you look at me? How can I live here? How???” And then when they reeled out the rent amount to me, I’m like: What??? For…. this??? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing. Other agents were kind enough to save me endless unfruitful trips back and forth to houses that looked the part and got me a bit excited. However, when the exorbitant cost breakdown was given to me inclusive of all manner of fees, some of which I’d never heard of (Distress fee, caution fee, service charge, maintenance fee, damage options). Then came the time I cried. Oh, I cried my eyes out. Fraudulent agents found me. Showed me a beautiful apartment at a rate that was too good to be true. Imagine my relief and the joy that flooded my heart when I found the one place where I could really live, less than 10 minutes’ walk to work, and to know that I’d be moving out soon from Teju’s place whom I’d been squatting with because I couldn’t do the 2 hours commute on 3rd mainland bridge that came with the new job. However, my relief was short-lived and my joy turned to pain that stung like a bee when I discovered that the apartment in question had already been rented by another person, and the agent I couldn’t lay a hold on, I simply couldn’t find him, and all my savings towards rent had vanished. Gosh I cried for days, the tears wouldn’t stop. Teju my rescuer, she consoled me for days on end and then told me how she’d stumbled on “Rent Small Small” online, on one of Guardian newspaper publications in October. She told me how she read that they offered, clean affordable apartments with the flexibility of monthly payments, no dealing with agents, no hidden fees, no extra charges? In my head I was like ‘’Fraudsters on a professional P again’’!  Reluctantly, I googled Rent Small Small and stumbled on their website. Called their customer care and the reception was so top notch. I can literarily give them the best customer service operators of the year, No jokes. I was told to go through the properties on the website, view them and see which fits my financial abilities. This was so different from the traditional agents I have been exposed to, that will take you under the sun from one apartment to another showing you almost dead and unkempt apartments. It was so swift and easy, I clicked on the apartment best suitable for me, required for inspection and in less than 48 hours, moved in with ease. The best part is that I had the option of paying monthly or quarterly. The good part is that, they furnished my apartment for me and all I need to do is pay a little amount monthly and at the end of the year, I own all the furniture and appliances. How cool! Getting an apartment and furnishing it made easy with RentSmallSmall.  Fast forward to 3 months. I can honestly say that I’m living my best life…yet. I call a beautiful apartment that’s a 20-minute drive to work, home. My pockets aren’t crying, I’m saving more…Clean apartment, nice environment, utilities all in good working condition…Look I really can’t complain. Lagos has got me in love with Lagos again and it’s mostly because of RentSmallSmall. I want everyone to check them out and let’s boycott these fake agents. They are really a life saver to Nigerians seeking a decent apartment. Check them out today and thank me later Or call 07087789815  The post Happiness Lost, Happiness Regained- My RentSmallSmall Tale appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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