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How Buhari Destroyed The APC Dream

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In 2015, Nigeria totally needed a change from this status quo, as emphasized by millions of Nigerians who voted President Buhari. The APC was formed and an allegedly impeccable and incorruptible candidate was chosen in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari. APC chose Buhari for two reasons. In fact, I, being an APC member, bought into the candidacy of Buhari for two major reasons. We felt he was the only person to wrestle power from the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan. We also felt that his incorruptible nature will transcend the running of the nation and truly change Nigeria. I was not only wrong, but I was also stupid. I forgot that not all that glitters is gold.
The founding fathers of the APC supposedly wanted to create a party that would bring true and lasting change, to Nigeria and Nigerians. They did not hope that after their change, for instance, they would have to be bereft of achievements to the extent that they campaign with ethnic affiliations. They came with mouth-watering promises like making a dollar equal to Naira. It did not take long after they came in when the Naira reached its highest devaluation in history. As if that was not enough, the APC promised to end the Boko Haram menace. Not only that the Boko Haram menace grew even more frequent, but the insecurity in Nigeria also added another dimension, with Fulani Herdsmen becoming very ferocious and murderous. In fact, I could not, out of shame, talk, when they attacked my village and killed three and raped a woman. There are thousands of us like this. These are all under the Buhari, our change mission commander. 

Perhaps the APC would not have done this badly if they fielded another candidate that would not be referred to as ‘lifeless’ by Donald Trump. The APC put all of their hopes, plans, and aspirations of making a lasting change for the better, on the shoulders of President Buhari. What did he do? In the first year of his administration, the government was basically run by Daurans. One might think that even Katsina APC had a say in the government, but this is largely false. His relatives became all and all in the government, ignoring scores of political juggernauts who helped him to victory. Is this right? 

Buba Galadima recently stated that he knew Buhari’s relatives who could not afford 2000 Naira to Kaduna but now are all Billionaires. There is absolutely no lie in this because his first three years in office was totally run by Daura people and people whom Daura people recommend. How will the APC move forward in this kind of situation? Most of the people who ran the government in its first 3 years were never card-carrying members of the APC. But now, they have the highest offices. They are not even the best brains in the APC. No wonder the administration is in tatters. No wonder everything has fallen apart. No wonder the center cannot hold. 

Perhaps if the competent ones in the party and not inept Daura people, handled the affairs of government, we would have brought some positive change. 

Perhaps Nigeria would not have lost as much as 20.9m jobs under Buhari’s administration. However, that I supported Buhari, does not mean I should not speak out on how bad things have become. If Buhari does comes back for second tenure (I doubt, I am not voting Buhari this time), he must, without fail to do away with the nepotism and corruption and give a chance to people that really know the job. If Buhari surrounds himself with competent APC people, we would not have the likes of Buratai handling the security of this country. Imagine Buratai has not been relieved of his duties while up to 1000 soldiers have been reported to have died under his watch. Imagine the massacre of 100 soldiers in Metele. These figures keep haunting me in the movements I am having a good time with my own family. Truth be told, a lot of use in the 2015 set of ardent Buharists Now have buyers remorse about what this government has brought to the Nigerian people. 

I know a lot of trolls will come for me, stating that I am not meant to expose my party this way, but I am not exposing anything that has not been exposed. Government-owned enterprises have refused to render credits to TSA. At the same time, the Buhari campaigned received 1.7bn Naira from a group of people who were later discovered not to be farmers. The corruption is too much. Am I to forget the Grasscutter? What about how Ganduje has smeared the name of the party and still, nothing has been done to him? The change dream has been shattered. My dear party has been shamed. I am sorry if I sound pessimistic but I am afraid to dream again.

Nimkur Dadok.

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