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Moment girl snuck out to meet the boy who eventually killed her then had sex with her corpse (video)

This is the moment a girl snuck out of home to meet a boy she had been chatting with on Facebook, not knowing she was walking to her deathViktorija Sokolova, 14, sneaked out of her home to go and meet the boy in April this year but the next day she was found dead, propped up against a park bench.New CCTV was shown at a trial of a 16-year-old boy accused of murdering her. It was alleged that the boy hit her so hard that some of her teeth fell out. He then allegedly killed her. Afterwards, prosecutors said the boy had sex with her lifeless corpse.  The jury will today continue to consider its verdict and this is the first time the footage of Viktorija has been released to the public.The court heard that the 16-year-old suspect had previously been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and had come under the care of Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).At the time of his arrest on April 13, he allegedly told officers:I know nothing about the murder – I heard about it on the news.I have known the injured person since last year. The injured person sent me a friend request on Facebook last year which I accepted. We talked occasionally.Because the injured person started coming to my house at night I got annoyed so broke off with the messaging and haven’t seen her since.My Facebook was hacked last year.But it was revealed that the suspect was talking very quietly and mumbling at the custody desk after his arrest. He asked if the police had taken the DNA of the girl. He said she was his friend and he had been framed. On April 18, the suspect's home was searched. Police found a black and silver Huawei phone, a rose-gold iPhone, an Adidas jacket and a black man bag. On the rose-gold iPhone, several SMS messages and Facebook messenger calls were found but no Facebook messenger messages. These had been deleted. Records of calls made to Viktorija’s phone had been deleted, as had the history of searches relating to anal sex.The court had previously heard that the DNA of Saidas Valantinas, Viktorija’s step-father, had been found in her underwear. But her parents angrily dismissed the defence’s notion they had anything to do with Viktorija’s killing on December 6. The next day, the court heard that Mr Valantinas had been at home for the period when Viktorija was killed. Viktorija’s mother, Karolina Valatiniene attended court The 16-year-old suspect denies charges of murder, rape and sexually penetrating her body.Watch the video below.  The post Moment girl snuck out to meet the boy who eventually killed her then had sex with her corpse (video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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