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Small Doctor will need a big lawyer - Nigerians react as Police arrest their brand ambassador

 Small Doctor will need a big lawyer - Nigerians reacts as Police arrest their brand ambassadorOn Monday, Nigerian pop star Small Doctor who also doubles as a Police brand ambassador was arrested and paraded for unlawful possesion of firearms and threatening an officer with a gun. Edgal Imohimi, Lagos State Commissioner of Police while parading the musician along with three other persons said he was arrested on allegations that he threatened a Police officer who was on traffic duty along Oshodi expressway, Lagos.  “It was alleged that some unknown men, four of them, in an unregistered green SUV had brought out a gun and threatened a policeman that if he does not leave the road, they will shoot him.Believing that they were armed robbers, I sent out my men and fortunately, with the DPO in charge of Shogunle division, they were able to intercept them and the men were arrested and were brought down to the headquarters for interrogation.It was then discovered that one of them is the same Adekunle Temitope, a.k.a. 'Small Doctor'. They were arrested in possession of a functional rifle, cartridge and some of their personal belongings"  Imohimi said.Below is how Nigerians are reacting to the newsThis Small Doctor issue is a typical illustration of Trust nobody. Brand dey arrest Brand influencer onto say he carry Brand product.— TheRawDeeya TRD (@rawdeeya_xo) December 3, 2018Small Doctor has been arrested and paraded for Unlawful Possession of Firearms charges and has been accused of threatening to shoot a Police officer. Small Doctor is a Nigerian Police Ambassador by the way. He done enter big trouble sha.— Deji Adeyanju | World Publicist (@IsimaOdeh) December 3, 2018Small Doctor said '' Buhari Ye Ma Sun '' in a showMonths before his Agege Concert Small Doctor a Police Brand Ambassador got arrested by the brand for carrying the most important weapon that is used by the branddis nuh make sense but...— Enekem (@EnekemGreg) December 3, 2018Could it be that Small doctor uses guns to kill mosquitoes?— Uncle Tolu (@Bams_Jnr) December 3, 2018Small Doctor had only one job,just one job,Distribute insecticide to fight mosquitoes and he went to carry Gun ‍— Bright Uchemadu (@iamswitchme) December 3, 2018*log in on twitter after a stressful day*Mbaka vs Peter obiModric vs Ronaldo & messi fans #BallonDorSmall doctor vs Nigerian policeBurna boy vs we broke fansI hate too much drama— Dpoaet (@Poaetic__) December 3, 2018Small doctor ti gba penalty lo throw in.Oshey eyan Bobby Schmurda — Biyi The Plug (@Baddman20) December 3, 2018Small Doctor, is a Nigerian Police Ambassador was caught by the Police for unlawful possession of firearms and threatening a police officer.The State of Nigeria.— Lit! (@JusttLit) December 3, 2018But those police officers should have known better. Why arrest small doctor for illegal possession of firearms?He has every right to carry those weapons because apart from saving us from Malaria, him dey use am kill Mosquito well well.— The Mac Nels™ (@Macnels) December 3, 2018Small Doctor was arrested by the police 6 days to his concert. What is this ?— S. H. (@macstones_) December 3, 2018Small doctor sang"I dey kill mosquito well well "Are you thinking what am thinking— Hiibeekay (@IbkThePlug) December 3, 2018See the gun Small Doctor was found with..I'm still asking myselfNa Hunter?! Well he hunts mosquito well well— Olayinka Daniel (@daniel_olayk) December 3, 2018Now Small Doctor will be busy killing mosquitoes very well, in the police cell— David (@Not_My_Thought) December 3, 2018Some one just reminded me that Small Doctor is an ambassador of the Nigerian police force. Ha! Don't they know the meaning of Ambassador ni? How can you beat your Ambassador like that?Oh! Sorry I forgot this is Nigeria.— To Be Honest Deji Adeyanju (@iamthelawrenzi) December 3, 2018First time I'm seeing this Small doctor's face. I hope he's safe sha cos this country fit kill anybody by mistake— Nathanael Bakare (@nathyjegs) December 3, 2018Police: what are you doing with guns..Small doctor: e dey kee mosquito Well wellPolice— Giwa Yusuf (@yusu_f7) December 3, 2018The post Small Doctor will need a big lawyer - Nigerians react as Police arrest their brand ambassador appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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