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13 Amazing Tips To Be A Perfect Girlfriend In 2019

It is every lady’s dream to be the only woman in her man’s world. She basically wants to be the first thing he thinks of in the morning and the last thing he thinks of at night.

Sadly, this fantasy you crave for in a relationship doesn’t happen overnight. You need to make yourself that irresistible girlfriend that your man will always long to see. It requires a lot of sacrifices, changing your character for the better and self-development.
Ladies, should I blow your mind? The singular currency every man wants to see in a relationship is “Respect”. Trust me, every man loves a lady that respects him, except he is a player.

So, in this article, we have come up with 13 amazing tips to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019. If you can apply these tips, you will definitely enjoy your relationship.

13 Amazing Tips To Be A Perfect Girlfriend In 2019

While there is no magic way that will make you a perfect girlfriend overnight, these tips will make you more attractive to him. Without a doubt, he will see you like everything that he needs, once you start applying these tips.

#1. Don’t Just Be His Lover, Also Be His Friend

One of the tips to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019 is to be your guy’s friend. Don’t just see him as your lover, be the “friend” in girlfriend.

Far from how people define relationship these days, it goes beyond going to bed together. You should try to build a connection and intimacy with your guy.

Be his companion and try to give him shoulder to lean on during hard times. It is also important to always respect his view.

#2. Be Kind To His Friends

Whether you like it or not, your guy’s friends can make or mar your relationship. As a matter of fact, they have great influence in the relationship.

So, when you are always kind to them, trust me, you will be in their good book. They will always encourage your boyfriend to take you seriously.

The greatest mistakes most ladies make is to try to key their boyfriend away from his friends. If you are always doing this, please stop it if you still like your relationship. It will definitely not end well for you.

#3. Feed Him Well

You don’t need a soothsayer to know that food is a great way to a man’s heart. Whenever you visit your man, try to prepare something delicious for him.

If possible, prepare his favorite food for him. Even if you can’t prepare his favorite food, at least try to make something. This is a clear indication that you care about him and what he eats.

#4. Let Your Man Know That He Is Your Only Guy

One of the most important tips to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019 is not to make your man jealous. Ladies these days are so complicated, thus leading to broken relationships here and there.

You will be with your boyfriend and be calling other guys boo, Bae, sweetheart, darling. Doing this is only making your relationship complicated and your guy tends to be jealous.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the most beautiful girl in town, and all the guys are running after you like flies. Always make your man feel that he is the only man you have.

This will make him take you more seriously. Trust me, every man out there needs, a faithful partner. And once he starts trusting, it is a good omen for the relationship.

Give your guy full attention and don’t flirt around with other guys. Also, it is not good for you to be using other guys’ pictures (guys who aren’t related to you) as DP or profile pictures on social media. Your guy may not talk about it, but it will make him feel jealous.

#5. Try To Trust Your Man

This may be relatively difficult, especially for a lady whose heart has been broken. But don’t use the experience from your last relationship to judge your new man.

Learn to trust him and give him enough space. This will make him feel you trust him. However, when you are always asking of his where about and asking too many questions, he will feel caged and see you as the possessive types.

So, to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019, you must learn to trust your man. But you should also know when to take action, otherwise, you will be taken for granted.

#6. Try To Build Up Pleasing Personality

Having a pleasing personality is one of the tips to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019. When you have a pleasing and amazing personality, people will generally want to associate with you.

So, strive to have an appealing personality. With this, your guy will want to spend more time with you as he will always be comfortable around you.

#7. Don’t Nag Too Much

Every guy out there hates nagging with passion. Yeah, we all know that guys can be frustratingly annoying sometimes, but don’t nag too much.

If you really want to be the perfect girlfriend you crave for, learn how to turn nagging into advice. Don’t raise your voice, talk in a very soft and seductive tone.

If possible, disarm his with your sweet and romantic words and let him know your concern. This will enable him to see things from a different perspective.

#8. Hone Your Listening Skills

Listening is one of the greatest skills that help most ladies in a relationship. There are instances when your man may not be in a good mood and start ranting, just calm down and listen to him.

One of the easiest ways to avoid arguments in a relationship is knowing when to talk and when to listen. Also, you should be able to know when your man needs someone to talk to. If he is in this state, don’t hesitate to listen.

#9. Make Him Feel Special

Do you really want your man to think about you all the time? Try to make him feel special and see the effect it will have on your relationship. Just make him feel that somebody is genuinely in love with him.

Sincerely, once a man feels this way, he will always have a second thought whenever he plans to cheat on you. Interestingly, little things like sending a romantic message after a long day at work or calling to check on him will make him feel special.

#10. Make Him Feel Appreciated

Knowing how to appreciate your man is one of the amazing tips to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019. Reflect on how he treats you, the nice time you have had together, how he has made sacrifices for you.

After this reflection, choose a perfect time to appreciate him. Appreciate him for all his effort in the relationship. This will definitely make him feel appreciated and be willing to invest more time and resources in the relationship.

#11. Feed Your Man’s Ego

It is a known fact that men want their ego to be stroked. Even though they still have insecurities, boosting their ego will definitely make them loyal. 
Make him feel desirable and attractive (don’t exaggerate).

#12. Let Him Be The Man In The Relationship

A man by nature always wants to be in control. At any point in time, they always want to feel in charge. Kindly let them fill that role in the relationship.

Ensure you always ask for his opinion on matters affecting the relationship and be very open to his suggestions.

#13. Don’t Be A Liability

One of the best tips to be a perfect girlfriend in 2019 is to be hardworking. No guy needs a liability of a girl. No matter how beautiful you are, you may not be the perfect girlfriend if you are the lazy type.

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