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How To Convert Airtime To Mobile Money

Oops!!!, I mistakingly recharged in excess of the actual amount I wanted. What can I do to recover?

Firstly, I would like to explain what mobile money is all about. At this junction, it is expedient for us to know that money is either hard or soft in a copy. That is, it is either you hold money at hand (hard copy) or you have it somewhere electronic (soft copy) like in the bank, your dashboard on a website etc. Therefore, mobile money is an electronic purse/wallet. Just like you save money in your physical wallet that you put in your pocket (which could be seen and touched), the same goes to money saved in an electronic form (it cannot be touched but seen). So, as I proceed in this writeup, I’ll be interchanging these words; mobile money with e-money.
E-money emanated so as to make transactions very easy and without stress. Before the advent of technology, it was a bit difficult to send money from a particular location to another; because it was done physically (i.e. taking the money by hand to its destination). But today, right in the corners of my room I can send money outside the country in a few minutes. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah.

Many Nigerian students will find this article very interesting because they have experienced the practical aspect of this post. When students are ‘broke’ in school and they need to get funds from home, and an alternative is a sender to send the funds in form of airtime when the real cash is not available. When the cash is been sent, the recipient (the student) will have to look for someone who is interested in purchasing the airtime in exchange for cash. Though, there are a lot of difficulties/challenges that is been attached to it. For instance, a student was sent a 1000naira MTN airtime. When such student wants to re-sell it, he/she will have to; 
1. Sell it below the actual price 
2. Look for a potential buyer 
3. Sell it on credit at times to make sales faster and fascinating.

So, the next question is when will this menace stop?

I am happy to announce to you that there are several websites that enable you to convert your airtime into E-money and transfer directly to your bank account for withdrawal. Some of these websites include; 
1. Zoranga 
2. Aimtoget 
5. Mobilenig

More researches will be done and updated ASAP. And don't hesitate to drop your comments below.

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