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How To Create An Authoritative Whatsapp Group (With Images)

As an administrator of a Whatsapp group, it is very annoying and frustrating when you create a group to serve a particular purpose but members of the group begin to post an unnecessary article in it, but you cannot just help by removing them from the group because of their relevance. That's why I am writing this article to show you how this menace could be curbed.

Firstly, what is an Authoritative Whatsapp  Group? I classify this to be a kind of WhatsApp group where only the admins of the group are permitted to drop messages in it, exclusive members. From this, we can see that an authoritative WhatsApp group will promote orderliness in the group.

Steps to follow;

Below is the sequential order to following in other to create an authoritative WhatsApp group.

1. Create New group: When you open your WhatsApp page, by the right-top corner beside the search button icon, you'll see a three-vertical dot. Click on it.

2. Choose at least a contact that will be a part of the group.

3. Enter the name of the group. Then select an image if you wish.

4. Then you should see the group already added to the homepage of the WhatsApp

5. Open the WhatsApp group you just created. 

6. Click on the name of the group. Then something like this will show. So, scroll down and click on Group settings.

7. In the Group settings, click Send messages

8. Click on only admins. By doing this, it is only the admins that will be allowed to post on the group.

9. For clarification, go back to the group as if you want to send a message. When you get there, you will see a message like "You changed this group's settings to allow only admins to send messages to this group". If you see this, then you have successfully created an authoritative WhatsApp group.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop your message in the comment box, we'll reply ASAP.

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