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I’ll Form A Government Of National Unity-olawepo Hashim

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The presidential candidate of the People’s Trust (PT) Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim has promised to form a Government of National Unity that includes all political forces if elected.
The government, he vowed, will be formed within 48 hours of being sworn in.

He assured the move will douse tension and address most of the challenges facing the nation.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, the PT candidate said the urgent task of rescuing Nigeria requires every available good hand across political affiliations.

He lamented most of the good brains in the nation have been sidelined in the two big parties due to pettiness.

According to Olawepo-Hashim: “Our government will include ,by the grace of God, forward -looking political leaders in the two major parties and the newly registered parties, members of the Intelligentsia, professional groups, youth ,women and other social interest groups and technocrats that we need from within Nigeria and the energetic and patriotic Nigerian Diaspora community .

“I have related across the social movements, political spectrum in the past 30 years and the business contingent of the Nigeria Diaspora for almost ten years.

“I know firsthand the talents at the disposal of Nigeria to save the country from the current state of hopelessness.”

He added: “I am able to form a broad-based government within 48 hours of being sworn in as president by the grace of God to confront the urgent task of securing Nigeria, uniting her people and bringing economic prosperity and rapid all round infrastructural and social development.

“We have the talented people to solve the problems confronting Nigeria both within and outside the country, only the narrow mindedness and ineptitude of some leaders have prevented the deployment of these enormously great human resource available to this nation.”

‘We have no stomach for egocentrism and revenge and nemesis in the urgent task of rescuing Nigeria.

“We will reach out across the “Isle” and bring Nigerians quickly to defeat insecurity and poverty.”

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