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Ladies: 7 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Hair Healthy Even While Wearing Wig

7 Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy While Wearing A Wig
A wig is seen to be some women best friend. It gives you all the fabulosity of sew-ins and unmatched versatility. While you’re looking great with that wig and all, you should not neglect your own natural hair. Here are some ways to keep your natural hair healthy while you rock your wigs:

1.  Always make sure your hair is dry

Your hair should be dry under your wig. If your hair is even a bit damp, it becomes damp and itchy.
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2. Keep your hair in cornrows

Rather than matting your hair under the wig, keep them in neat cornrows that will make it easier to manage. You can easily loosen them, wash and cornrows will help keep your wig in place better.
flat twist Tutorial

3. Moisturize your scalp

Take some time to give your scalp the love it needs by massaging and moisturizing it as often as it can. This will make your hair grow longer.

4. Wash and condition your hair

Washing and conditioning your own hair will prevent the buildup of hair care products you use in maintenance. Product buildup damages hair and causes your hair to break.
Moisturizing black hair

5. Use light oils on your hair

Jojoba, tea tree and many other oils are great to use on your natural hair. These oils will make your hair grow longer and stop breakage.
tea tree oil

6. Protect your edges

The strap of many wigs can be hard on your edges, so be careful when removing your wigs so you don’t snag your edges. Also, the cornrows shouldn’t be too tight so your edges don’t suffer.
thinning edges

7. Wash and condition your wig

All your caring for your natural hair will be in vain if you have a dirty wig on it. So, always wash and condition your wigs.

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