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When I Try To Be By Myself , Its Not That I'm Proud - Tayo Sobola

Tayo Sobola a mogul in the Nollywood industry addresses some of the issues of life on her Instagram page. She said, not everyone you see laughing and smiling outside is really happy inside of them, many of them are depressed. But they just wish to laugh to impress others around them. She also supports the quote which says 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. Don't be too quick to judge others because you actually don't know what they are passing through. She believes that the only way she could stay away from being pissed off is to be herself and to stay away from people that will make her lose her mind.

Below is what she wrote;
Life!!!! You see people laughing and smiling and you dont know what they are passing through. The truth is this : too many people are depressed. Dont be quick to judge people if uve never been in their current situation. Do not believe all you see. Start doing things that will always make you happy. We know people can be funny but look around you and spot out that person you feel you could always talk to or be around that will always make you happy. When i try to be by myself , its not that im proud --- i only try to respect my self and stay clear of things that could piss me off. Only those who get irritated easily im sure can relate. Stay off people and things that can make you loose your mind! Life is too short! #laneminder

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