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Zaynab Ikaz-Kassim & Aisha Alubankudi Organized The US Protest — Segalink

Political analyst and activist, Segalinks, have revealed the names behind the Atiku in US Protest. 

According to him, he questioned why the desperation and why do they want to ruin the image of Nigeria.
Read his post below...

Earlier as it is standard protocol that foreign visit by leaders is often followed by meeting Nigerians in diaspora, but HE Atiku was confronted by a different kind, eliciting the last groan of a dying dictator. We export hooliganism now. #DemarketingNigeria #Tyranny 

Prof Isa Odidi successfully hosted HE Atiku Town hall meeting with US based-Nigerians (diaspora) at the Trump International Hotel Washington DC on 18th January 2019 before leaving hours ago for Nigeria. 

However much protests are important in a democracy, the irony here is that these Buharists support a man who does not allow protests in his country and turns the guns of security operatives on unarmed protesters. Let’s thank the organizers of this charade...they failed.

All the paid protests in America are organised by these two aides Zaynab Ikaz-Kassim and Aisha Alubankudi. When you trace who they work for you will understand the plot. It is such a shame how in desperation they won’t mind ruining the image of Nigeria. #Shame.

We will keep exposing their shameful plots against all the alternative candidates out there. Let everyone have their fair shot. No one should be marginalized. Let those who want to vote for the collapsing lifesless one do so by all means. Live and let live.

I would’ve expected they pour the energy into proving the value of their candidate but no. Anyways let’s see how they perform at the debate this evening. If they really want to be considered they should make their presence felt at the debates and townhalls that would follow.

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