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MUST READ: A Thousand Voices - Bayo Akinfesola

Do you know that even if Fela Durotoye loses tomorrow with only a thousand votes it is still a victory for the youths? Yes! As little as a thousand votes count for something and I’ll tell you why to follow me… 
  • It means that a thousand Nigerians heard and understood our campaign and have decided to join the movement. 
  • It means that a thousand individuals believe that a young Nigerian is capable of taking the country to where it needs to be 
  • It means that a thousand people refused to take 5000 Naira in exchange for their votes understanding that it is not enough to last four years
  • It means that a thousand people are tired of Old Nigeria and are thirsty for a new one 
  • It means that our voices woke a thousand sleeping minds and it’s safe to say those minds are awake for good. 
And you’ll agree with me that a thousand voices can create a frenzy and a thousand echoes is an explosion

If you take their money in exchange for your vote tomorrow you are unequivocally telling them that they have the permission to laugh at us the next time we stand up now that they know how it all ends, you’re saying in clear words that we are all talk and no action. So don’t let them sway you with the “don’t waste your vote” talk because I have heard it to, it’s almost all I hear this day, whether the youths win or lose I want you to know that my vote will not go to waste sir, if I end up being the only candidate to choose ANN tomorrow I would walk away with my head up high because that is one NO among 200 million YES’S. 

 A thousand votes to this noble cause will encourage us to continue to work, hope and pray because we know that a thousand people are doing the same and a thousand commendations today can become a million in 2023. Fela Durotoye did not instruct me to write this, he doesn’t even know my name, he never shook hands with me, but it is my hope that when he reads this it will give him the strength to keep fighting for the young people of this country. 

My name is Bayo Akinfesola, I am a 23-year-old graduate and I’m already tired too. Please share this message, you don’t have to give me credit, just share until a thousand young Nigerians have read and I would forever be in your debt. Don’t stop knocking until you wake somebody. 

Thank you. 
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