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Are Generators Worth It?

Are Generators worth it?

This question has been asked over and again. We'd try to answer this question; whether or not generators are viable electricity backup. Of course, we'll try to answer why people rate generators as the most feasible electricity substitute.

Generators are not sustainable options for electricity over the long term. However, their role as backup options is the best serving. They could be deployed during a power outage, which could be as a result of hurricane or storm. It's better to plan for these times as you don't know the time or hour such a catastrophe would happen.

Why You Should Buy A Generator!

Below is the list of some indispensable reasons why generators are good for you.

Power Home Appliances  & Gadgets

Power surges or electricity outage means you can't power home appliances like your Tv, Refrigerator etc. What's the solution? Yes, you guessed right: Generators.

Now it is important you know that Generators come in different models, sizes, and capacity. It is imperative that you have to know your wattage consumption before you set out to purchase a generator. Another advantage these models give is flexibility. You can choose to power some appliances and leave out others, depending on your generator starting and running watt.

What is Starting and Running (Continuous) Watt?

Running or rated watts are the continuous watts needed to keep items running.   Starting watts are extra watts needed for two to three seconds to start motor-driven products like a refrigerator or circular saw, this is the maximum wattage the generator can produce. 

In light of the above, buying a generator is as important as knowing the starting and running watts. A simple hack is to calculate the number of appliance watts and compare it to the generator’s Watt limit or use an online wattage calculator.

Save Electricity Cost

It's obvious, the cost of electricity per gallon is more cost efficient than Electricity tariffs. You can save a whole lot by using generators. In fact, you can use a generator to run power demanding appliance like a chainsaw. You could find great fuel efficient generators on this website.

They utilize Different kinds of Fuels

Interestingly, there are some models of generators that support up to three fuel types to run. This means you can switch in between fuels when you are short of an alternative fuel type. Also, propane is cheaper, cleaner and doesn't need as much fuel per gallon compared to other sources.


There you have it. Some of the advantages of buying a portable generator. Sure it has its own perils like carbon monoxide emission, regular maintenance, and cost. We can't deny that it's utility outweighs this inauspicious signs. A generator is only as good as the model and how you maintain it.

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