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How To Prevent The Spread Of Rumors And Fake News - Whatsapp

  1. Understand when a message is forwarded
    Messages with the "Forwarded" label help you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message or if it originally came from someone else. Double check the facts when you're not sure who wrote the original message. To learn more about forwarding messages, please read these articles.
    2. Check photos and media carefully
    Photos, audios, and videos can be edited to mislead you. Look at trusted news sources to see if the story is being reported elsewhere. When a story is reported in multiple places, it's more likely to be true.
    3.  Look out for messages that look different
    Many messages or website links you receive containing hoaxes or fake news have spelling mistakes. Look for these signs so you can check if the information is accurate. To learn more about suspicious links, please read these articles.
    4.  Check your biases
    Watch out for information that confirms your preexisting beliefs and reviews the facts before sharing information. Stories that seem hard to believe are often untrue.
    5.  Fake news often goes viral
    Even if a message is shared many times, this does not make it true. Don't forward a message because the sender is urging you to do so.
    6.  Verify with other sources
    If you're still not sure if a message is true, search online for facts and check trusted news sites to see where the story came from. If you still have doubts, ask fact-checkers or people you trust for more information.
    7.  Help stop the spread
    If you see something that's fake, tell the person that sent it to you and ask them to verify information before they share it. Don't share a message because someone tells you to do so. If a group or a contact is constantly sending fake news, report them. To learn how to report a contact or a group, please read this article.
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