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10 Traveling Tips You Need To Know

10 Traveling Tips You Need To Know 

The importance of moving from one place to another cannot be overemphasized because of its purpose. Several people travel due to diverse needs. This article will help you to know the necessary guidelines/tips to follow in other for your travel experience to be favorable.

The 10 Important Tips For Traveling:

1. Planning: It is very important we plan before we embark on any journey in life. Planning plays a vital role in the traveling processes. There is a saying that he who fails to plan is definitely planning to fail. Do you agree? As for me, I do. When you plan, there is every possibility that you'll cut cost.

2. Travel Insurance: Having your travel insurance is very important most especially for international journeys. The travel insurance company's work is to insure you and to be liable for any damages that will occur to you in the course of your journey.

3. Tell Families/Friends: Some people will love their things to be done lowkey. So by that, they wouldn’t tell anyone of their whereabouts. Well, that is good but it is to an extent. The reason why I suggest you must at least let a friend or a family member know about your journey is because of emergencies. That’s why some transportation companies usually require that all commuters fill in a form which contains; name, next of kin phone number, address, and destination before embarking on the journey. God forbid it that accident should occur. But when it occurs, the people around to rescue can just look for the paper filled by commuters so that they can know who and who they'll be able to contact for the victim's support. Also when you tell a friend or family member as the case may be, he/she will be getting in touch with you often to track your journey’s progress.

4. Eat Less: Do not eat too much while traveling. Healthwise, it is advisable to just eat light food. Eating heavy foods sometimes might cause a running stomach while traveling. Also, do not drink much water. Drinking much water will cause you to urinate several times before reaching your destination. Most times, it is good to eat a date palm (a fruit that helps your body to hold its waste for a specific time) Or you can use some prescribed drugs that also serves that purpose.

5. Hold Excess Cash: The purpose of holding excess cash is expedient as we do not know what the future holds. This serves the precautionary motive or unforeseen contingencies (In economics, it is known as the precautionary motive of holding money). When you hold sufficient cash, you won’t be stranded at any given time.  

My little experience: There was a day I was traveling from Lagos to Osun ( almost a-5 hour journey). So the cash with me was for transport (to and fro), feeding and miscellaneous (my excess cash). So after going to Osun on my way back to Lagos, our vehicle broke down at almost the midpoint (Ibadan) in a thick bush. So the conductor and the driver walked away in the hope to get the vehicle repaired. Lo and behold, the day was getting dark and they have not returned. So I thought within myself that what will be my gain if I was to wait a bit longer because there was no hope that they'll come any soonest. Actually, the reason why we (commuters) waited was to see if we can at least get a little change from the conductor that will take us to our destination. Empty buses going through our route had passed several times but we ignored them. So because I had extra cash on me, I stopped another bus that was passing and it took me to my destination at a financial cost. In essence, what I am trying to say is that if not for the extra cash on me, I might not reach my destination that same day. I actually didn’t know how others that didn’t have enough cash on them did it. Because I had left them there already.
It is also important to know that if I had waited a little more in the name of collecting my balance, there could be some damages that'd occur (like thieves stealing from is and the likes).

6. Carry Less Load/Luggage: If the need does not arise, I’d say that it is not necessary for you to take much load while traveling. Much load at times results to more stress. What do I mean? For instance, you entered a Marco polo long vehicle (buses that all commuters are expected to put their pieces of luggage beneath the vehicle). Whenever a passenger gets down in his/her destination and he/she has a load to offload, it is important for you too to get down to monitor if it wasn’t your load that was offloaded instead. You get? But when you have a few loads let’s say just a little bag, you can just place that on your legs during the journey and feel comfortable because there won’t be any cause to get down only if you wish.

7. Try to sleep less: Sleeping too much might be at one's detriment. It is advisable you keep your eyes awake most times so as to know how far you have gone and the routes the bus you boarded passed through (though this is not applicable to flight). Also, when you keep yourself awake, you’re likely to learn new things from the environment.

8. Don’t make too much phone calls: Of course, you don’t know everyone on the bus you’re in. Therefore, making important phone calls might be risky for you. Let’s assume someone making a phone call to his/her friend which the subject matter of their conversation revolves around money. Of course, it will awake the consciousness of fellow commuters and allow some to make strategic moves to gain access to it. Also, if peradventure you made a friend on the bus during the journey, don’t discuss delicate issues with him/her. Just have a shallow discussion. That should be enough.

9. Try to listen to some music: Most times, I usually love to travel with my earpiece/headset so as to be listening to music. Because music sometimes makes me alive and happy. But, I repeat, But don’t allow the volume of the music to be too high such that you won’t be able to hear the voice of someone speaking beside you. Because necessary information could be sometimes passed across.

10. Monitor The Driver's Activities: The driver is seen to be the pilot behind the wheel, i.e. the controller of the bus. When I mean monitor here, I don’t mean you should choke him with questions or frustrate him in any form, No. But just be observing the things he does in the course of the journey. There was a live instance in Nigeria where a driver was seen drinking alcohol while on steering, then the commuters asked him to stop. But he replied them that it is actually no big deal that he can handle that (I mean blending his driving with alcohol). So they left him to continue drinking it. But unfortunately for them, about 5mins later, the bus had an accident and everyone died except one who sustained a severe injury. Assuming they had stopped the driver from taking such, the aftermath wouldn’t have occurred.

Also, it is important to monitor the driver’s conversations on phone. There are some drivers who are informants to the thieves when the driver is fully aware that the bus is fully loaded (I guess you know what I mean), then on approaching to a particular location, he will call the thieves so as to block them ahead to rob them.

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