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Indian Man survives after being impaled in the head with a rod

A 21-year-old Indian man has undergone a successful operation to remove an iron rod that pierced through his skull. On Wednesday, Sanjay Bahe was recorded calmly talking to medics with the iron rod sticking out of both sides of his head before it was safely removed.
He was building a well at his family farm at Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, when he fell onto the metal rods, with one piercing the right side of his skull, passing through his brain and coming out of left side of his head. Surprisingly, Bahe remained conscious as he was taken to Neuron Hospital for treatment..

Neurosurgeon Dr. Pramod Giri said the rod entered the right temporal region of the brain and passed through the left frontal region across the midline. ..

The rod did damage brain tissue but luckily the portion affected may only cause problems like seizures and behavioral changes, like irritability, in later part of his life. None of the injuries is life-threatening.

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