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Seven Nollywood movies To Watch for Easter fun

Seven Nollywood movies for Easter fun
If you think Nollywood movies would be left behind in the #eastermoviemarathon, think again.  A perfect mix of history, comedy, romance, and drama will deliver the intriguing Nigerian experience this Easter season. Here are seven Nollywood movies with which to cruise this holiday.
1.      KNOCKOUT: Laugh to your heart’s fill with this comedy by Wale Adenuga productions. In Knockout, news about a boxing competition hits the town and results in a comical frenzy when people realized the cash prize is a whopping sum of one billion Naira.   And now the crazy and clumsy must clash for the grand prize.
2.      ALTER DATE: Alter Date shows the lives of three friends; Remi, Elizabeth, and Timi. Remi and Elizabeth have been unlucky with men. Remi wants a rich man, Elizabeth is a hopeless romantic and Timi is the shoulder to cry on after their heartbreaks.

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3.      1929: This movie takes us back our history books and colonial era of Nigeria. Remember the Aba Women’s riot of 1929? Well, this movie is a re-enactment of the events that occurred specifically with the Ikot Abasi women Opobo division. Get your pens and papers, let us learn.

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4.      JUMBLED: When a relationship’s foundation is based on lies, the end result is never surprising. The movie tells the story of a lady in her early thirties who keeps having her heart broken until she finally meets the “perfect man”. She is desperate to change her luck with men and thus begins the spiraling path of a relationship embedded in lies.

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5.      4TH REPUBLIC: 4th republic dives into the Nigerian tribunal process and a chaotic mesh of corruption and deceit. It unveils a determined and incorruptible female politician played by Kate Henshaw. She is resolved to make changes in the political arena despite obstacles. Will she succeed?

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6.       DAREN FARKO: This movie takes us up to the Northern Nigeria sphere. Satisfy your curiosity about Northern Nigeria this Easter with this compelling drama.
7.       HIRE A WOMAN: If you have watched “Hire a man” and enjoyed it, wait till you watch its sequel “Hire a Woman”. It is a fine blend of romance and comedy that leaves you smiling.

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There is no excuse now; the cinemas have got you covered for the #eastermoviemarathon. Let’s go!
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