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Drama Between An MTN Customer Care Agent & A Yoruba Man They Wiped His Balance

We've been furnished with an exchange between an MTN customer care agent and an Angry Yoruba man who accused the telecom giant of wiping his account balance for no reason.

The man who spoke mostly in his native language is now an internet sensation with his conversation and now setting the records straight for other service providers.

For the sake of those that would feel cut out in the conversation, below is a quick translation.


Mtn customer care agent Vs Man.

Cc: how can I assist you my customer

Man: why would you leave me on hold for over 10 mins, do you think I don’t have a job. Secondly, I sub 1200data, instead of charging me data for browsing, you deducted the remaining 1400 I had left.

Cc: first & foremost don’t be annoyed my customer (man interrupts)

Man: don’t call me your customer, what foolish customer, the one you wanna make unfortunate. You deducted airtime instead of data.

Cc: if I hear you clearly (man interrupts)

Man: don’t hear me clearly, you ... must be deaf.

Cc: if you don’t want us to hear you, why did you call.

Man: why won’t I call. You must be unfortunate. (Rants issue) do you think I am in Cameroon, you know how hard it is to earn a kobo in Nigeria. Drop the call if you don’t want to hear me

*10 secs mute*

Man: when you’re ready to respond, answer me. That bad fortune, you will all experience it together. Drop the call

Cc: if I hear you well (M I)

Man: (rants issue in background with friends) they know what they did, that’s why the put me on hold, (showers curses) 



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