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Five ways to prepare well for an interview

interview questions
Preparing for an interview can be exhausting. However, one of its numerous benefits is landing your dream job.  Adequate preparation gives you an edge and boosts confidence. Get prepared with the following tips.
If ever there was a time you dreamt of being a detective but never got the chance to, this is the time to shine. Get into the detective mode and know all there is to know about the company.
Go to their website, check their LinkedIn account, link up with employees working there and check their Facebook page as well as company reviews. In short, dig deep and know all there is to know.
From your covert detective research, you would have found out likely interview questions. Depending on the interview format, prepare answers to questions. At this point, you can become friends with the mirror.
Practice answering questions in front of a mirror or even with a friend. It would help build your confidence. Do not forget to also prepare a smart question to ask them.
Note that dressing involves your total look; dress, shoes, hair band, hairstyle, haircut, makeup, and earrings.  Except otherwise stated, dress corporately. Make sure your outfit is ironed and clean. Earrings, haircut, hairstyles, and makeup must be moderate. Be careful with the colors of your dress. You do not want to look like you’re going for a party during an interview.
Do not be the farmer that goes to the farm without his hoe. Pack in an organized and accessible manner your resume, pens, note pads, a passport-sized photograph, all documents, and certificates. This will avert an incidence where you fail to produce a required document upon demand.
5. GET SOME SLEEP                        
Depending on the number of candidates applying as well as the interview process, interviews can be very long and boring. You do not want to drag a sleep-deprived body to the interview lest you begin to yawn unnecessarily and eventually doze off.
Follow these tips and you can be sure to leave the interview room with a smile on your face.
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