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The Future Of Work: Will Machines Take Over The Jobs We Have Now?


Martha Amadi is a fresh graduate of  Communication Studies from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She wants to be a Radio Presenter in an International Media Outfit. However, she has heard rumors of machines taking over people's jobs in developed nations and she is concerned that in a few years time, this development will get to her doorstep.

In a chat with me, she shared her fears for the future which she summed up in the questions, "Is it really possible that in a few years time, my job may be taken over by these machines?", "How do I prepare for this sort of eventuality?"

Welcome to the future of work and the questions weighing heavily on the minds of many, especially students and fresh graduates.

The advent of automation technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics has seen the world of work gradually undergoing a major process of change.  

The major concern for many is "how will this development impact jobs, skills, and wages?

When we sought the opinion of a Human Resources Personnel and staff of one of the major commercial banks in Nigeria, Blessing Adejo, she had this to say, "Irrespective of how it plays out, the future of work should remain one that provides security, equality and prosperity for all.

She adds, "Employers must improve career opportunities for today and tomorrow’s workforce while employees must upgrade their skills so they do not become redundant in the workplace".

Her position was corroborated by Career Coach, Anita Onakoya who puts it this way, "It might take us (Nigeria) sometime to catch up, but there's no gainsaying the fact that machines are here to stay what with AI, Blockchain, Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT).

"However, it cannot take over human responsibilities totally. In order for us to be in the game and stay ahead, certain soft skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Communication, Reasoning, Interpersonal Skills and Adaptability must be imbibed and inculcated".

In his opinion, Tech Expert, Solomon Osho believes that it is inevitable for machines and robots to take over the workplace in the near future. He based this on the premise that technology is more beneficial to the workplace as it makes processes and systems faster, more accurate and more reliable than the human intellect has the capacity for.

For Tunji Ishola, an undergraduate of the University of Lagos who is an avid a soccer fan, he is just confident that machines will never take the place of humans on the football pitch. He insists that machines or robots playing or controlling the round leather game will ruin its enjoyment for fans of the game.

Ishola however admits that other aspects of the sport that are non-player involved like ticketing, refereeing and security, could use the help of machines or robots for a smoother operation.

With all the information emanating from the various experts, the consensus is that there is a need to prepare for the onslaught of machines in the workplace. Students and Fresh graduates who are not prepared for this future may find themselves out of a job before they ever started one. This is the reality of the day and age we live in and everyone must brace up for it.


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