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Pumps Made Easy And Affordable With BOYSER

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Boyser has made all pumps easy and affordable with guides. Unlike other pumps, boyser will give you a guide on the usage of the pumps after a successful purchase. To know more about Boyser, read below carefully.

What types of industrial pumps are optimal for your business?
Since the invention of the shadoof in Mesopotamia more than 2,000 years before Christ, pumps have become an indispensable element of the equipment of many industries and economic sectors. Today the catalog of industrial pumps includes very diverse models, with different characteristics and functioning systems to adapt to all kinds of uses.
If you are thinking of promoting your business with a new industrial pump, here we offer a quick guide on the different types you will find in the market and its main applications. Shall we start?
Types of industrial pumps
According to the mechanics of the movement of the fluid, we can classify industrial pumps into three large groups: centrifugal, such as volute or turbine type pumps; rotary, such as the cam or piston; or volumetric or positive displacement. Within this third group are some of the most used industrial pumps today, such as industrial peristaltic pumps, gears, lobe pumps, or pneumatic pumps, among others.
Peristaltic pumps
In peristaltic pumps, the fluid is contained within a flexible tube, on which the rotor lugs or rollers act. When spinning, the rollers compress the tube and push it along the pump, functioning in a similar way to the digestive system. Industrial peristaltic pumps are self-priming and can be cleaned very easily. The fluid only comes into contact with the inside of the tube, which allows these industrial pumps to work with abrasive fluids or sterile fluids with total safety. They are also widely used in the food industry, where it is necessary to have a sterile environment to meet the strict quality standards required by this sector.
Among the typical applications of peristaltic pumps in the industrial field also include the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, paper, ceramic industries, mining, or treatment of sludge and sewage. Outside the industrial sector, the precision of peristaltic pumps makes them suitable for equipment as delicate as dialysis machines.
Industrial lobe pumps
Lobe pumps stand out among industrial pumps for their smoothness, reliability, and simplicity of maintenance. In this type of pumps, the fluid is driven by two lobes that rotate in the opposite direction. Lobe pumps offer excellent performance if you need to work with liquids with solid particles in suspension. Regarding their use, these industrial pumps have great applications in the treatment of water and sludge, the food industry, oenology or the chemical industry.
Pneumatic pumps
The pneumatic pump is one of the most versatile types of pumps on the market. These industrial pumps, also known as a double diaphragm or double diaphragm pneumatic pumps, have many applications for the transfer of chemical products, oils, sludge, wine, and many other food products. In addition, many versions of pneumatic pumps are capable of working with corrosive fluids, such as acids and solvents, and can operate dry.
Within each of these types of industrial pumps, we find models with different capacities and flow rates, to adapt to any working pressure. If you are thinking of investing in your business by installing a new industrial pump, it is always advisable to consult a specialized pump manufacturer like Boyser for the technical specifications required by your new equipment and the most suitable type of pump for your particular case.
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