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6 things to know before you say I do

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Being married is totally different from dating; many women feel they could handle married life because they have dated their partners for long and feel they know a lot about them already.
This article is not to scare anyone or discourage you from being married. It would only be sharing helpful tips that would prepare you for that life long journey:
1. Marriage is a black market
Before saying I do, you should know that no matter how long it takes you to get married, you can never be sure of what you are getting into until you get there. The elderly women in the society most times consider men a necessary evil; you need to make the decision to get married sooner or later and you should brace yourself for whatever you find in the pack you choose.
2. Goals
Before you take the leap into the lifelong covenant of marriage, it’s important to consider the goals and dreams both of you are nurturing. Will you be able to support one another’s passions and pursuits? How will your marriage affect your goals? Can you pursue your dreams together? You need to know the goals of your partner in the marriage.
3. Communication is key
Everyone knows that communication is one of the most foundational necessities for a successful marriage. You need to be able to tell your partner what your needs or wants, frustrations, disappointments or dissatisfaction or anger without making them feel attacked or putting them on the defensive. It will help prevent any unnecessary hurt and will put you on the path to a long and happy marriage.
4. Love who you are and find true confidence
Before promising yourself to someone forever, you have to be able to know how special and incredible forever can be with you. You have to believe that first, and not wait for someone to tell you. Believe in yourself, love yourself for who you are and then find confidence in yourself.
5. No marriage is perfect
It is a high time people needed to know that no marriage is perfect, don’t be deceived. Every adorable couple you see has battles they are fighting when no one is with them. Do not compare your situation to theirs as you do not know what lies ahead of them.
Everyone you see around you has one problem or the other, what makes them different from the couples that break up is the fact that they are able to manage the affairs. Be wise in your decisions and make it your duty to work on yours too.
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