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CORONAvirus: The Most Lethal Threat In The World Right Now

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Every now and then the human race is faced with a certain epidemic that creates an alarming situation throughout the world. From Black Death to Malaria to Ebola, all epidemics left a tragic mark on the world but the fight against these epidemics made the world more knowledgeable about medicine. The hard work and efforts of scientists and researchers paid off and these days we have a vaccine for almost all of the major diseases out there. However, these vaccines were sadly created after years of research on the subject and till that time the epidemic had taken a lot of lives.

What Is Coronavirus
Coronavirus was very recently identified in human beings. It is not a single virus but a group of viruses. They are known to cause diseases in birds and mammals however the nature of diseases is different in both. There are certain coronaviruses that aren’t that serious and happen to almost all human beings in some stage of their life. However, there are also some coronaviruses that are very serious like the newly identified 2019 nCoV.

What Diseases Does It Cause In Human Beings
The coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory problems in human beings. These are not lethal in their early stages however if the virus spreads, it can become lethal and may even cause the patient’s death. In the current world, we are faced with the lethal form of the virus which has already engulfed more than a hundred lives.

Range Of Spread
China was the first to be affected by this lethal virus. Hundreds of cases have been identified in China and the death toll has risen up to 108 people. Countries have started screening at airports to prevent the virus from entering or spreading in their country. However, there are still cases identified in other countries as well. There are 2 confirmed cases identified in the United States as well.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
You can easily identify if you or someone around you is suffering from Coronavirus. The symptoms like fever, coughing, flu, and sore throat are similar to that of many other diseases however the addition of breathing problems is what makes the condition more suspicious. If you know anyone who has continuous headaches, fever and is having trouble while breathing then you should definitely suggest them to get a checkup.

How To Keep Yourself And Your Family Safe From Coronavirus
Being proactive is always better than being reactive. The most important thing is to take preventive measures especially when you know that Coronavirus is spreading very quickly. You can check out the following tips to save yourself from Coronavirus.
  •      Use a face mask when you are around sick people or when you head out of the home.
  •        Avoid touching your mouth, the nose or eyes with unwashed hands.
  •      Wash your hands regularly and make sure you wash them for at least 20 seconds each time.

In the case of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, you have to be proactive because no vaccine has been developed for the virus at the moment. The unavailability of a relevant vaccine is the most deadly fact about the virus. Doctors and medical researchers all over the world have joined heads to come up with a powerful and effective vaccine that would help in killing the virus. There is an imperative need of a vaccine at the moment. There is continuous research going on and it is expected that the doctors would come up with a vaccine in a few months' time.
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