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The Power of Video Marketing

If you had to narrow down the top thing to include in your digital marketing strategy, you should consider a strong video marketing presence. Noted marketing gurus and experts like Eyal Gutentag have experienced remarkable success by keeping up with consumer demands, and the numbers are showing that video marketing is the trend leading the way.

The Data Doesn’t Lie

Almost 70% of all consumers have shared a brand’s video through social media, emails, or texting, and 72% of businesses that released a video had noticed significant improvements in their customer conversion rates. When debating on making an online purchase, 52% of consumers indicate that watching a video of the product will make them more confident with their decision. Video marketing doesn’t just affect the daily consumer, as 65% of business executives will first visit a marketer’s website when shopping for a new product or provider, but 39% of them will call up the vendor once they have seen a video. Videos have outpaced and outperformed all other areas of digital marketing. Your site is projected to be 50 times more likely to drive organic search results when it includes video and not just text-based information.

Video Potential

Youtube has been a popular site for digital marketing and product-release videos, but it isn’t the only way to get your digital message out there. You can drive higher engagement to your website or product through a Vlog or a live broadcast through any of the popular social media networks. Since many consumers are accessing the internet and searching for a product or making comparisons via a smartphone, video messages are easy to access and consistent regardless of the device.
Consumers find video content more exciting and more compelling, which helps optimize your Google search results. You can include Video SEO, 360- degree video, or live video to boost customer engagement and interest, translating into greater sales potential for your company.
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