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Social Media Challenges And Videos That Went Viral During 2020 Covid'19 Lockdown (Pictures & Videos)

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The COVID'19 lockdown has been a 'blessing in disguise' to some artists and content creators as their videos/music/contents went viral on the web. The 2020 lockdown made the ones that were always busy with work to have time for higher participation on social media. This post will be concerned with several videos and challenges that went viral as a result of the lockdown.


The Kwame dancers originated from Ghana. These are undertakers from Ghana. I think this video trended the most. People from different parts of the continent participated in this. It was a video that became a meme for people with a near-death experience. The video went viral as a result of the soundtrack used, which was originally owned by Tony IGY.


This was a challenge that involves a swap in the identity of the characters involved in the video at the interval at which light turns on and off.


In the #dontrush challenge, characters show their 'before and after' video. To switch to the latter, the character(s) blocks the face of the camera and when opening it back, BOOM!, they appear in a different outfit. When more than one character is involved, the previous character does as if he/she threw something to the next character. Then the next character will act as if he/she received something from the previous character. 


The #dontleaveme challenge was pioneered by a popular Nigerian comedian, Josh2funny. The challenge involves playing with random words and putting them into an actual statement and someone screaming in the background 'don't leave me'. This is to show the enormous intelligence of the speaker.


#onanana challenge is a pure dancing challenge that involves two individuals. And this dance is done mostly with the leg.


'Egungun be careful' was a song that originated about 10 years ago by a Nigerian artist, Obesere. And recently came back to limelight as a result of the COVID'19 lockdown. The song is usually played when warning someone about a pending danger. The song later got a remix by the original owner featuring Zlatan Ibile. 

Zlatan ft. Obesere - Egungun Be Careful" Remix (Official Video ...


This challenge is for pregnant mothers showing their baby-bump. The #duduke challenge was brought into existence by Simi, the wife of Adekunle Gold. She did this song when she was pregnant with Adejare, her only child as at the time this post was published.

Simi - Duduke Dance challenge Compilation - YouTube

Which one did we miss out on? Kindly drop it in the comment section.

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