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Experts Advice on Keeping Yourself Safe While Using Public Bathrooms Amid COVID-19

Stay-at-home restrictions are still there but lockdowns guidelines are getting less severe. Now, people have started to join their offices, eat at restaurants, and go for a hair-cut at a salon. Meanwhile, the infection rate is still increasing worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You have to obviously maintain all hygiene precautions from masks to sanitizers, from social-distancing to frequent hand-washing.

Now, while you are out, the real question arrives, Is it safe to use public bathrooms during such a pandemic situation? Here’s how you can reduce the risks of getting infected by Coronavirus.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that bathroom cleaning services should be more frequent in any commercial sector. You can save yourself and others from such a deadly disease by learning how to use a public washroom with caution. Read to know more!

Important Facts about Public Bathrooms & COVID-19

It’s quite impossible to maintain proper ventilation and social distancing inside public bathrooms. Recent studies have shown that flushing the toilet creates aerosol droplets. And, all these ‘toilet plumes’ can rise to a height of three feet. These aerosols can stay in the air for a considerable amount of time.

Now, if an infected person uses the toilet and after a while, any healthy person enters the same bathroom then there are chances of contamination. Sounds frightening, right?

Additionally, whenever you flush the toilet a water vortex gets created and it disorganizes the airflow surrounding the water. It causes a centrifugal force and eventually, the aerosols can stay in the air.

From worldwide reports, this virus mostly attacks the respiratory tract along with lungs. But, it can reach your small intestine and can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Shared toilet areas have proven the existence of the Novel Coronavirus.

Hence, more regular bathroom cleaning services from reputable companies such as Dubai Cleaners can reduce the risk of infection, apparently.

Can you Use a Public Washroom?

When you are outside and then it is more than obvious that you need to use the public restroom. But, is it safe? Since Novel Coronavirus is extremely a new disaster on earth and it requires enough time to monitor the behavior of such an RNA virus.

Especially when the virus keeps mutating every now and then, the studies become more difficult. However, you should do what maximizes your immune system.

     Don’t take any chances with your health even when you are going to use a public washroom. When you are going to flush just make sure that you cover the toilet with the lid before flushing.

     Now, if that toilet doesn’t acquire a lid just turn away your face so that you don’t have to inhale all those toilet plumes. Leave the toilet as soon as possible but don’t leave the bathroom dirty. Because faecal transmission can indulge in the infection rates.

Avoid the Queue for Public Restrooms

It’s true that you have not been habituated in social-distancing, still now. But, this is a good practice if you want to keep yourself away from the infection. Moreover, you can get infected through aerosols and touching surfaces. So, don’t get too close to other people.

Avoid the public queue for attending public washrooms. Try to look for a bathroom that has a smaller crowd or shorter queue. COVID-19 can affect you the most when you interact with people with close physical proximity.

By the way, every organization should avail frequent bathroom cleaning services whether it is a hotel, restaurant, office, shopping malls, and hospitals. Avail superior and frequent bathroom cleaning services from Dubai Cleaners to make the public bathroom safer for employees, clients and customers.

Maintain Safety Measures while Using the Public Washrooms

Don’t take risks when you have to go outside. Well, the precautions or safety measures can help you to a great extent if followed thoroughly.

If you abide by good toilet etiquette then you are quite safe. Treat the public washroom like treating the one at your own house.

     After using the toilet, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds.

     Try to avoid touching the doorknobs or handles on the door while entering or leaving the washrooms.

     Keep in mind that you should grow a habit to conduct safe hygiene practices for a long time.

     If you touch any surface try to wash off your hands as early as possible. Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and face with unclean hands.

     Carry paper towels to touch those handles or toilet seats. But, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly.

If you can retain more sanitary then, you can prohibit the virus from spreading the disease with ease.


Your own hygiene maintenance can be more beneficial than regular bathroom cleaning. Clean the toilet seat with a disinfecting wipe before you sit down. After flushing with all regulations maintained, you can leave the toilet box.

However, avoid automatic hand dryers. The air can spread aerosols all over the public washroom. Instead, you can use hand sanitizers with up to 80% alcohol.

How to Keep Your Children Safe?

Adults can easily habituate with the mechanism of wearing masks and social distancing. But, it’s difficult to make younger children understand the importance of social-distance. Moreover, they tend to touch almost every surface around them. This can trouble the kids including every member of your family.

Especially, when toddlers have to go to the toilet, you have to make them understand about hygiene maintenance. So, always be prepared with a mask, sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Masks are unskippable for everyone whenever they step out of their houses. And, according to studies, kids are more prone to get infected from Novel Coronavirus as they have lower immune power.

Sanitizers are great in vaporizing all the sustaining germ from hands and other heavily-touched surfaces. Make sure that the toilet seats should be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe before use.

Advise the child on how to flush the toilet in a proper way. The kid should not directly touch anything in the public restroom. Tell the kid to wash his or her hands with soap for twenty seconds or more.


Don’t remove your mask when you are out. Walk away from those places where people haven’t worn a mask. Because asymptomatic cases are more virulent than the symptomatic ones.

Always, maintain social-distancing and keep your hand germ free with sanitizers. Moreover, avail of bathroom cleaning services from Dubai Cleaners. Because professional and experienced cleaning services can ensure maximum security. Stay aware, stay safe.
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