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5 Areas of Personal Growth

This year has been a time of self-reflection; a season to determine what areas of life could use some improvement. Many experts have divided the areas of personal development into five categories. 

1. Physical

Physical health can be compared to the roots of a tree. If roots are strong and deep, then the rest of the tree can remain standing even through a mighty storm. If you are eating nutritious food every day, getting enough sleep at night and exercising regularly, then you will more likely handle stress at work with ease. Conversely, when you are hungry and tired, life just seems overwhelming! Take care of those physical roots and then begin to branch out.

2. Social

Interacting with others is an important step in individual growth. Unless you are living by yourself on an island, you interact several times a day with others in your workplace and home. You can improve your leadership skills in the office by reaching out to specialists in business consulting services Georgia. They can assist you with your personal goals and how to more effectively interact with others.

3. Spiritual

Evaluating your beliefs, values and purpose in life is an important step in self-development. Being connected to something outside yourself can add depth and strength to your character. Whether you worship God or Mother Earth, there is a sense of peace when surrendering yourself to a higher power. Meditation, prayer, attending church and spending time in nature are ways to find the inner calm that can strengthen your spirituality. 

4. Intellectual

Studies have shown that you can preserve and improve your brain cells as you age by continuing to learn. Those over 65 who have spent at least ten years practicing a musical instrument or have mastered at least two languages have a much higher level of brain activity. It is never too late to begin: Read some classic literature, learn to play a musical instrument, take a college class or start a new hobby.

5. Emotional

Your mental and emotional health can be strengthened as you develop the other four areas of personal growth. Physical activity can be the antidote for many kinds of depression. Strengthening ties with family and friends can overcome loneliness. Positive self-talk every morning as you pray can help diminish discouragement. There are some emotional challenges that need professional support. If you or a loved one is struggling emotionally, reach out for help. 

Personal improvement takes a lifetime; take one day at a time. Set a goal in each area and celebrate your individual growth along the way.

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