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Organizing Your Home Office

Did you recently start your own business or began working from home? Having an organized office space does wonder for your productivity. Whether you are looking to create a new office space or revamp your current one, this list can help you get organized in no time.

1. Invest in File Cabinets

Your work files can pile up very quickly if you don't have a system to organize paperwork. Much of the time, this paperwork may become a giant pile on your desk. Save your desk space by purchasing used office file cabinets. While you're at it, decide how you'll set up your filing system. Whether you use colored folders or labeled tabs or anything in between, make sure you have a quick and easy way to find the paperwork you need.

2. Declutter Your Computer

After months of downloading documents and saving files to your computer, it is bound to become cluttered. This kind of clutter can create an unproductive work environment. Go through your files every few weeks and archive or delete unnecessary data from your computer. Remember to clean up your desktop too, as excessive icons overcrowd your workspace.

3. Use a Detailed Calendar

A calendar can be a great tool for mapping out your professional deadlines and goals. Pick a calendar that utilizes a nice color scheme, has enough room for personal notes and fits in your office space. 

4. Regularly Tidy Up Your Desk

While desk accessories can be helpful, make sure you maintain a tidy atmosphere as much as possible. Going overboard with organizational trays, bowls and other accessories only creates more clutter. Make room for your computer, a notebook and other necessary work items, and leave the rest behind. 

Overall, you want your work space to build a positive and productive work setting. Organization is key to productivity. Remember to create a welcoming design scheme that makes your office a place where you want to spend your time.

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