Best Distance Learning Universities in Belgium

Best Distance Learning Universities in Belgium

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Best Distance Learning Universities in Belgium

As a working class individual, do you know you can further your education in Belgium through distance learning? Well, this article has brought to you top Best Distance Learning Universities in Belgium that are open for application into any program. Read on to know more.

To start with, let’s see what distance learning is all about.

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What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is another means of learning without physical appearance in a class or lecture room. It allows learning from the comfort of one’s home. Distance learning can also be regarded as online learning as it involves the use of modern technology tools to make interaction possible between students and lecturers.

It involves communication via chat rooms, e-mails, video conferences, electronic forums, and other method of online interactions to offer lectures to learners.

Working class learners who may not have the time to appear in campus always but wish to further their education can opt for distance learning. In a nutshell, distance learning is suitable for learners with limited time or distance barrier.

If you currently have a job you want to keep and at the same time still want ot further your education, distance learning is just the solution for you. It can even be fund saving as you won’t need to spend on transport to campus daily.

While taking a distance learning program, you get additional qualification while keeping your current job. It could be key that your job promotion or personal career development.

Now that we know what distance learning is all about, let’s now dive straight to the various distance learning universities in Belgium.

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Top Distance Learning Universities in Belgium

·        Katholieka Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)

The University can also be called Catholic University of Leuven in English but it is often known by the Dutch name Katholieka Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)

It is the largest university in Belgium with around 58,000 students. It was founded in 1425 and ranks 70th among best universities in the world.

  • University of Antwerp

This university was established in 2003 in the heart of Belgium (Antwerp). It has s student population of about 20,800 and specializes in Arts and Humanities.

  • University of Ghent

The University of Ghent was founded in 1817 as the first Dutch speaking university in Belgium. It consists of 11 faculties and specializes in engineering, Life Science and Technology.

The university oversees about 48,570 students.

  • Universite de Liege

Established in 1817 and has grown to specialize in Medicine, Life sciences, Forestry, and agriculture across 11 faculties.

  • Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

It is a French speaking university; established in … and specializes in Theology, divinity & religious studies.

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

University of Brussels (in English) was founded in 1970 and is known for its high fundamental and applied research.

  • University of Mons

The University of Mons was founded in 2009 after coming together with the faculty of engineering mons.

There you have the universities open for distance learning. They offer various distance learning programs in different aspects of study.

Upon completing your course of study, you’ll be awarded a certificate that can be presented anywhere in the world for employment.

Why Study in Belgium

Though we are talking about top distance learning universities in Belgium but it is also important to know a little about the environment of your college of study.

Belgium is known as a multicultural country in Europe as it consist three regions which are Dutch, French and German. Aside from the quality education you’ll get you can also learn to speak Dutch, French and German fluently. That is one benefit of Belgium being a multicultural country.

If you want to study a language related course or a course that involves understanding many languages, Belgium is one country you should look at to help you achieve that.

As a matter of fact, around half of the total enrolled students in Belgian universities/ colleges are students from abroad. This means you are set to interact with people not only from Belgium but also from other countries.

Looking into the rankings of Belgian Universities among others in the world, you get the best in most popular study area such as Political science, Economics, Medicine, International Relations and so on. Belgium universities are known worldwide and ranks at the top among best universities globally.

Tuition fee for Distance Learning in Belgium

Tuition fees for Distance learning varies based on the type of program you want to take, the university and your nationality. Irrespective of the case, tuition fees are quite fair.

It is best to check for the fee that applies to you and your course of study before applying. Ensure you have every detail regarding the tuition fees before you commence application process. You can the details you need from the university’s website.

However, expect to pay around 800 and 9,000 EUR per academic year.

How to apply for Distance Learning Program in Belgium

Application is easy if you have all the necessary requirements. You can simply apply online via the university’s official website. Fill up the form, supply the necessary documents and submit.

Some of the documents may include:

  • Certificates,
  • CV
  • IELTS result may also be needed, and so on

If you need to make contact with the university’s representative, you can get their contact details from the website under contact us.

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Degrees Offered by Distance Learning Universities in Belgium

BA: Bachelor of Arts

BS: Bachelor of Sciences

ABA: Applied behavior Analysis

BSBA: Bachelor of science in Business Administration

MBA: Master of Business Administration

MS: Master of Science

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration


The universities are open for application from learners from any part of the world. If you wish to take any distance learning program, you can apply into any of the above listed universities.

You can visit the university’s website to know more about them. I hope you have learnt more about the topic distance learning universities in Belgium.

Thanks for reading.



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