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Free Student Laptop program 2022

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Free Student Laptop program-No matter if you are a college student or a school student or a kid, In case you’re hoping to return to class, Chance are you know the advantages of having your own PC, Laptop or tablet for individual examination time on your standing. Honestly, Laptops can be costly and there is an extraordinary proposal for understudies who can’t manage the cost of PCs.


However, a lots of online universities that offer free Laptops and iPads to help understudies take courses, some significantly offer  iPads to new green beans took on four-year programs. Also, as an understudy you should have a solid figuring gadget all through your examination years to get to addresses, understudy administrations, word handling programming, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


We have many online competitions and promotions, and we notice social media promotions for laptops, more especially targeting students. This is quite Unfortunate, there are a lot of online scams also in the guise of such promotions. Also, this is our investigation related to such online scam for free laptop program for students.


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What is a Student Laptop Program? Programs that Provide Free Laptops

A lots higher education institutions offer online college tech perks, These perks can include free academic software and IT help. And most schools expect learners to use their own laptops However, some colleges offer student laptop programs that provide free, discounted, or loaner devices to eligible students. The College tech perk programs differ by school.

Most schools provide discounted devices by partnering with stores or companies. The school may require full-time enrollment for students to participate in a laptop program. Most higher education institutions only provide free college laptops to new students.


The laptop ownership usually transfers to students once they graduate or complete a certain number of credits. All Learners who withdraw may need to return or purchase their laptops.


Social Media Posts


We noticed viral messages titled “Students Laptop Program 2022” on Facebook and WhatsApp, claiming that a scheme is available to offer free laptops to all students, who are not unable to afford a laptop & the student who needs a laptop for educational purposes. This message also says 30,000 laptops were given away in 2021 and this year the plan is to giveaways as many as 800,000 free laptops, worldwide.


A viral message which got shared widely along with a link to apply and avail this offer can be seen below.


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The Applications for the Students Laptop Scheme 2022 Is Available

This scheme is open to all students who for financial reasons are not in a position to purchase a laptop of their own and are in need of laptop in their level of education.


Students that can apply


All Students can apply for the helping laptop support scheme


Eligibility-All countries


300,000 students received laptop in 2021


In 2022 Over 800,000 students will be given free laptop to enhance their learning this month.


Application has begun and students that have applied have started getting their laptops




Register and apply here









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