Learn The Nitty-Gritty Of Forex In Two Months

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Welcome to TimFx Academy.

Thanks for showing interest in the two-month forex training session.  These are the things you’d be learning for the two months.


This class will be divided into three modules;


?Introduction To Forex. 

?All You Need to Know about Forex.

? Participants in the Forex market. 

?What We Trade On The Forex market. 

?How Do We Gain Access to The Forex Market? (Forex Broker and Their Functions)

?Currency Pairs.

?Forex Trading Sessions. 

?Forex Terminology & Jargons.

?Types Of Forex Trading. 

?Introduction to our platforms.  Mt4, Tradingview, Investing.com, etc (opening a demo account)

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?Definition Of Pip. 

?Understanding Bid And Ask Price. 

?Concept Of Spread. 

?Forms Of Trading Orders. 

?Take Profit And Stop Loss. 

?Concept Of Leverage. 

?Understanding Lot Size. 

?Risk Management.

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?Types of Charts

?Time frames

? Indicators (Fibonacci, Moving average, etc)

? Back-testing

? Price action and market structure. 

? Fundamental and Technical Analysis. 

? Psychology of Trading.

? Common mistakes made by beginners and how to get rid of them.

? Other things that need to be covered.

? Combining all that has been taught (take a trade with your demo account). 

? Open a Live account (if you know you’re ready). 

Other things might not be in this scheme of work. But they would be taught. 

We are working in collaboration with Donald Forex Academy

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How to pay

– You can pay into our naira account using this link: #20,000 https://flutterwave.com/pay/fgak9ncpfxlw

– Or our dollar account using this link: $55 https://flutterwave.com/pay/sy7xgrdsg9ao

What to do after payment?

Send your;

– Full name

– Evidence of payment

– Email address

– Phone number

 to +905488257109  on WhatsApp. Then you’d be added to the WhatsApp group where we’d be till we kick-off on March 1st, 2020.

Some trade screenshots;


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